Who we are

Paloma del Pozo, Ojalá ! was funded in 2005 by one of the most creative and original Spanish fashion designers, and its hallmarks are the originality and artistic inspiration. A simple and natural originality wishing to offer its customers a different touch but avoiding eccentricities. And an artistical inspiration appearing in bright and colourful designs which may remind to Miró or Klimt and which will set your mind run wild to exotic places or past times. There are also plainer clothes, but always elegant, with simple lines and carefully studied by the designer in order to highlight women's body and beauty.

Since its first appearance in the International Fashion Week in Madrid in 2006, Ojalá! Paloma del Pozo has taken part in some of the main catwalks such as Ego, 080,The Brandery en Barcelona and Paris Prèt a Porter. However, according to the designer's philosophy and some minority vocation, she usually prefers to stay apart from the usual calendars, dictates and communication standards of the fashion environment. Paloma del Pozo prefers to show her designs with a unique and different style, some times in a more private way and some others in atypical settings.

Our pieces are made with the highest quality, in a creative, relaxed and warm working environment. Many of the designs are hand embroidered and some of the most exclusive fabrics are specifically designed by Paloma del Pozo herself and sent to be made to traditional looms in Tanger medina. Fabrics are treated like canvas, as all the designs are hand drawn on them to subsequently embroider them with different colour threads. Therefore, each and every piece is unique and one of a kind, since even though some of them have the same pattern, they present natural and particular differences due to the traditional manufacturing process.

Our productions are so limited that sometimes only four or five pieces of the very same design and colour are made, thus guaranteeing exclusivity but also avoiding excessive final prices.

Paloma del Pozo is a free artist who runs away from the requirements that some commercial brands dictate. Our collections are always open and timeless since our brand wishes to recover the taste for high quality, made to last forever, those bought with excitement and fondly taken care of for a long time.

We always prefer our customers to visit our shops in Madrid and Barcelona, but we also wish those who live far away to be able to purchase online. We hope you like it! Ojalá!